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The World Economic Forum has released a statement saying that electronics or e-waste are the fastest growing source of waste on the planet. There are a number of reasons for this, and without decisive action, the problem is only going to get worse.

At Elcomatic, we take this problem very seriously. Over and above the fact that repairs offset this problem, we also take other steps to ensure technology stays out of our dumps.

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The Growing Problem of E-Waste

Electronics are becoming cheaper and cheaper to produce as years go by. As technology improves, manufacturing processes get more efficient, and the price of microchips continues to plummet, companies can make more and more laptops, phones, and various other electronics.

The Growing Problem of E-Waste

Similarly, new markets are opening up for electronics manufacturers. As many countries in the third world continue to develop while the price of electronics drop, manufacturers can sell to new markets across Africa, in India, and in China.

As a result, the value of e-waste being largely disposed of and rarely recycled is around 62.5 billion dollars, which is already more than the GDP of most countries and is only growing.

Broken electronics are often discarded rather than repaired, regardless of how cheap or easy the fix might be. Many people will throw a perfectly working iPhone because it stops charging rather than merely having the charging port quickly, and cheaply, swapped out.

Repairing electronic equipment and extending its lifespan keeps it out of the dump.

E-Waste and Manufacturers

Although the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung might pretend to be taking steps to solve the problem, it is in their best interest to do the opposite. After all, these companies feel that repairs and maintenance that extend the lifespan of products hurt their bottom line.

These companies understandably use marketing to push their new products and try to pressure the consumer into making upgrades they don’t need. However, other companies like Apple are pushing for legislation which will not allow third parties, like us, to carry out our own repairs on their products.

EPOS companies are no different in this mindset. Eventually, they will stop supporting older equipment regardless of whether they are used by your company or not. After all, their profits come from you making the decision to upgrade to their new range.

Our legacy repair service, however, helps to offset this issue. We are able to work on these devices for many years after manufacturers have stopped supporting them. Not only do we have the knowledge to understand how they operate, but we also have a vast library of parts that we can use to make repairs.

A big reason as to why we have such a large stock of these parts is down to our recycling programme.

Our Recycling Programme

With enough work, anything can be fixed. However, oftentimes it is just not cost-effective, and we will advise you that replacing it is a much more reasonable way to move forward. However, at Elcomatic, we believe that nothing should go to waste.

Our Recycling Programme

Any truly retired device that comes through our facility will be thoroughly recycled. Firstly, we will strip down all of the electronics that we can use again in the future. These parts will be filed away in the appropriate category for us to use in other projects in the future, keeping them out of the landfill.

Similarly, any materials that cannot be used in another project will be disposed of in an appropriate and responsible manner. We will not burn it outside, as is so prevalent in various ‘e-waste disposal’ projects throughout the developing world.

Get Involved in the Repair Economy!

As mentioned, many people dispose of their electronics rather than repairing them because they feel it is more convenient than getting it fixed. At Elcomatic, we do everything possible to challenge this perception.

At our dedicated repair facility in Ayrshire, we deal with all types and families of electronics. With our dedicated and experienced technicians, we carry out quick and effective repairs.

The entire process can begin with just one phone call, so why not keep your device out of the landfill, save yourself some money, and extend its lifespan. Give us a call now on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

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