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Entering into a contract can be a good way of getting the most from our service. We offer flexible agreements to make sure that we are catering to your needs whatever the specifics of your business might be.

In this blog, we will outline some options available to you in terms of repair contracts. If you would like to set up one today or to make an inquiry, give us a call now on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

Technology Maintenance Contract

The first and most comprehensive contract that we offer is a maintenance contract which covers all devices. These contracts are priced per handheld/till, and you are able to send them to our dedicated repair facility as many times as necessary throughout the year.

Technology Maintenance Contract

All labour costs will be covered in the contract whether you send the device in question in once or five times. The only cost that you will incur will be the cost of any parts that we utilise in the repair.

This contract is ideal for companies which maintain a large number of devices as repair costs can very quickly build up significant and worrisome amounts. This contract will offer substantial peace of mind, and we can streamline the entire repair process, minimising disruption.

Ad Hoc Repairs

Ad hoc repairs are a good option for companies which do not rely on a large amount of EPOS or electronic equipment in their day-to-day running. As you can imagine, having less equipment means you are likely to encounter fewer faults, reducing the cost-effectiveness of cost per item contracts.

By relying on ad hoc repairs, you will pay for individual maintenance if and when it is necessary. This means you will have to pay for the labour costs as well as any parts and components that we need to swap out and replace throughout the fix.

Again, this is likely the most suitable option for companies which are not likely to require many repair services every year.

Volume Repairs

Another option which is a sort of middle-ground between an ad hoc and maintenance contract is the option of volume repairs.

Volume repairs involve us agreeing on an average or fixed cost per item that is sent to us for repair.

Why Enter into a Contract?

There are numerous reasons as to why a contractual agreement might benefit your business:

Predictable Costs: Budgeting for unpredictable repairs can be problematic and can make managing cash flow difficult, especially in newer companies. By entering into a contract with a fixed cost, you can work your expenditures around it.

Cheaper: Depending on how many devices that you have in need of repair, it can work out significantly less expensive to negotiate a contract. Although you will need to cover the cost of any parts that we use, you can save significant money in regards to labour costs.

Why Enter into a Contract?

Reliable: Our repair team has a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to repairing all kinds of electronic equipment, and we carry out thorough testing to ensure their reliability. When you trust Elcomatic to handle your repair, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

Smoother: When your company comes to rely on EPOS equipment, its failure can cause a significant and costly amount of disruption which will affect your bottom line. Having a contract in place makes the repair process clear; package the item up and send it directly to our repair facility.

Get in Touch

At our dedicated repair facility in Ayrshire, our talented team of experienced technicians will fix any electronic equipment that has been broken or encountered a fault.

Our personnel all specialise in a type or family of device which means they rarely if ever encounter a problem that they have not addressed in the past. As a result, all of your fixes will be smooth and based upon practical experience, not guesswork.

We also carry out thorough testing to make sure that our repairs have addressed the root issue, and not just the symptoms. For example, a device may be breaking because it is overheating. Swapping out the element which has broken will not solve the problem if something else is causing the machine to overheat in the first place.

By simulating an intense workload, we can make sure that the repair is a solid repair and not just a patch job.

Give us a call on + 44 (0) 1294 274914 to arrange a repair or the relevant contact form for a callback.