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Motorola / Zebra - MC9090


Motorola / Zebra - MC9090


Motorola / Zebra - MC9090


Motorola / Zebra MC9090 Repair & Maintenance Contracts

Elcomatic provide return to base repair / maintenance contracts service for the Symbol MC9090. Contact us on (+44) 01294 274 914.

If you have any of the below faults or any other troubles don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get this equipment repaired for you with a quick and dependable repair with our expert repair team.

Touchscreen repair
LCD repair
Casings replaced
Keypad repair
Charging issue
Buttons faulty
Won’t scan
Battery issues
Trigger buttons

Mobile devices play a significant role in the day to day running of multiple businesses over various sectors. These pieces of high-end equipment are quite expensive and companies need to get full use of this equipment with minimum downtime. Elcomatic can provide your company with a fast and reliable repair service that will minimise any disruption to your business.

Elcomatic Repairs

If you are in the UK-Europe or anywhere in the World please get in touch. We offer ad hoc repairs/maintenance contracts for businesses. All volume sizes of returns are accommodated through our repair service.

For more information call us on +44 (0) 1294 274 914.

Repair Service Options

Ad Hoc
Repairs are charged as labour + parts costs based on one-off returns.

Contractual Maintenance Repairs
Having to shell out for a repair for one system is not perfect, but when you have multiplesystems the repair prices can speedily add up. We provide repair and maintenance contracts so that you will always pay a set fee, regardless of how many repairs you require.

No Fix, No Fee
Given enough time and money it is feasible to fix anything. However, when it comes to certain faults this simply is not cost-effective. From time to time a blanket replacement is more appropriate and in these cases, we will advise you on how to proceed without charging you.

Motorola / Zebra MC9090 Repair and troubleshoot

Technical Skills & Devices Repaired

At Elcomatic, we have the working abilities and knowledge and workforce to work on virtually all electronic EPOS devices. Our skilled and professional technicians are able to work on electronic equipment of all kinds in our dedicated warehouse facility.

We specialise in fixing EPOS equipment as well as other systems. This also includes all barcode scanning solutions some of which are spotlighted below:

  • HHT / Hand Held Terminals
  • PDA Devices
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Mobile Computers

We also have vastly experienced repair technicians who have repaired and worked on these products for numerous years. Some of the providers we have worked on and repaired on over the last 15 years are listed below:

  • Zebra
  • Motorola
  • Symbol

If you have a faulty MC9090 by Symbol that requires a repair service, you can rely on Elcomatic to fix your item speedily and thoroughly. If your malfunctioning MC9090 by Symbol has a cosmetic or functional issue, Elcomatic can fix this item with fast turnaround and reputable repair causing your company minimum downtime and disruption.


The Repair Process

When your R.M.A. (return merchandise authorisation) is established, the next stage is to mail your malfunctioning Motorola / Zebra MC9090 to our specialist repair centre. When it gets here, we will open the package and examine the product to get a sense of what might be wrong with it and book it into our workflow.

The next step will be to begin carrying out assessments to discover exactly what the trouble with your MC9090 by Motorola / Zebra is. Provided that the repair method is financially worthwhile, we will then start exchanging or repairing any broken parts.

Our policy is to consistently evaluate all equipment comprehensively after we get them operational again. Many companies will skip this phase. However, if an underlying problem triggered the original malfunction, then it is merely a waiting game until the system suffers the same problem again.

To assist in making certain that we’ve totally remedied the problem in your Motorola / Zebra MC9090, we will perform a soak and burn/run in test. By guaranteeing we complete the job properly on the first try, we can keep disruption within your business is kept to a minimum.

When we have completed our closing checks, we will bundle your device up responsibly and deliver it back to you.

Contractual Work

If you are responsible for a business which depends upon lots of EPOS devices, then paying for individual fixes can quickly make your bills skyrocket. As trustworthy as the product may be, by running more equipment you are exponentially raising the probability that errors will manifest.

At Elcomatic we offer contractual agreements so that every time your EPOS equipment breaks, like your Motorola / Zebra MC9090, you can rely on our support without any extra cost. Just mail it to our repair centre, and we will quickly have it serviced and back and available to your enterprise.

Due to the fact your company cannot foretell when defects will arise so they will be difficult to prepare for. Nonetheless, by establishing a contractual agreement with our organisation, you can efficiently work the cost into your monthly expenditures and enjoy trustworthy and cost-effective maintenance.

Go Green

It is vital that we recover, repair, and repurpose as much electrical material as we can. The sheer volume of dumped electronics which finish up polluting the planet has extreme detrimental effects.

By sending your malfunctioning Motorola / Zebra MC9090 to our company, you are taking part in the repair economy and keeping waste from damaging the planet. However, we can go a step further.

We review each of the electronic components which filter through our dedicated repair center and salvage everything useful that we are able to from technology which can’t be fixed. We take out all the recycleable elements and put them in their matching group, and will strip out any material which may be repurposed.

By using Elcomatic, you can trust in our team to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible.

Get In Touch

EPOS equipment has demonstrated itself to play a crucial role in a broad variety of industrial sectors. From a tracking system for shipping companies, ordering in dining establishments, or stock level monitors in retailers, many EPOS devices have assisted in streamlining endless processes in an incredible selection of enterprises.

Elcomatic is a licensed and recognised repair contractor for all significant EPOS brands and will quickly get your MC9090 by Motorola / Zebra in working order and returned with you following thorough testing.

We understand that technology problems are usually an unexpected outgoing. We operate on a no fix, no fee basis and will give you an accurate price estimate.

To speak to us today about your EPOS issue, give us a call on (+44) 01294 274914 or e-mail us at info@elcomaticepos.com.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and one of our personnel will be in touch as soon as possible.





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