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USB-C connection ports are far superior to previous iterations of USB connections, but they are still susceptible to critical failures by becoming broken or just worn out. If you require a USB-C repair for your device, get in touch with us now on +44 (0) 1294 274194.

Why Is My USB-C Not Working?

There are numerous reasons as to why a USB-C repair might be necessary, but here are a few of the main faults:

  • Faulty Wires: The ideal situation is that it is not the port that is the issue, but instead the cables you are using to connect. Try using other wires, and if they work, it is likely not the port that is the issue.
  • Dirt/Lint: Another relatively simple situation to fix is that the port is full of dirt, grime, and lint. Keep in mind that the dirt inside is often irrelevant to the problem you are experiencing, but sometimes if this is cleaned out the port will work flawlessly again.
  • Worn Connections: By repeatedly inserting your charger into a USB-C port you will gradually wear out the charging connections. This will severely limit the amount of energy or information that can pass through, and the port will need to be replaced.
  • Loose Port: Some ports might ‘loosen’ over time, and the cable will not fit tightly meaning that the cable tends to fall out. Again, there is no USB-C repair for this other than replacing the port entirely.

Why Is My USB-C Not Working?

How Do You Carry out a USB-C Repair?

If we find that there is an issue such as being a loose fit or having worn connections, the only way to guarantee the USB-C repair is a proper fix is to remove the faulty port and replace it with a new one.

However, it is vital that you hire a trustworthy company to carry out this work. Not only is it essential that the swap is done carefully to ensure the fix stands the test of time, but it is also vital that the part utilised in the repair is quality and not a knock-off destined to underperform and then break.

At Elcomatic, we pride ourselves in our commitments to standards of perfection. You can be sure that not only will we utilise parts that are manufactured to the highest quality, but that the technician carrying out the USB-C repair will be an expert in dealing with your particular device.

What is a USB-C Port?

USB-C ports are still relatively new and tend only to be installed on more premium mobile phones, computers, and laptops. However, they offer a huge number of advantages over the previous USB 2.0 and 3.0, micro USB, and mini USB.

Firstly, USB-Cs can carry significantly more power than older varieties. Not only does this mean that your phone will charge at more than double the speed, but it means they can even transfer enough energy to charge things like laptops.

USB-C ports can also transfer significantly more data. In fact, they can transfer more than double the data per second in comparison to USB 3.0s. As a result, you will spend less time waiting on bigger files to move from one device to another.

Finally, how many times have you stuck a USB cable into a port only to realise it is the wrong way around and have to turn it over? This is just a minor annoyance, but you will be glad to hear that USB-C cables can be inserted either way around!

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Whether you are dealing with a broken charging port on your phone, a data transfer port on a computer, or any other device that utilises a USB-C connection, a broken port can render the device unusable and cause significant disruption for you or your business.

However, a USB-C port repair is complex and labour-intensive with 24 pins involved. You can be sure that through a combination of equipment and experience our technicians will have the job finished quickly and to a standard comparable to that of the original manufacturer. All you have to do is get in touch!

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