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The benefits of EPOS are broad and extensive, although one of the largest benefits is often underplayed. For example, many articles will discuss how the equipment can streamline your day-to-day procedure without addressing precisely what this means.

In this article, we will outline three major reasons as to why EPOS equipment will free up a lot of man hours within your company, allowing employees to focus on other tasks.

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Three Ways That EPOS Can Give More Man Hours

The huge number of tasks that EPOS equipment can expedite is exhaustive, but three of the most major ones are:

  • Streamline stock location in warehouses and storerooms
  • Timetable a kitchen schedule
  • Track stock levels

Three Ways That EPOS Can Give More Man Hours

Locating Stock

Anyone who has a large stockroom with a diverse range of products within their company knows the trials and tribulations that come with finding stock. Try as you might, it is difficult to remember precisely what products are in what aisles and on what shelves.

However, EPOS equipment can be utilised in order to show staff exact locations of the item they need. With just a quick search or scan, the member of staff will be able to take a direct route to the item without having to search or wander around.

This can save several man hours over the course of a week and free your staff up to get more of the same task done, or to focus on something else entirely such as tidying or customer service.

Keep Tabs on Stock Levels

If you have a retail operation, shop floor staff are often asked to go and check a stockroom for an item. As mentioned, a lot of time can be wasted when it comes to actually look for the item, but there is also the problem of actually going to and from the stockroom.

This might only be the case of going through a door, but it might be on another floor entirely! This gives staff less opportunity for customer service and means that there are fewer eyes watching the shop floor.

Mobile computers allow employees to check stock at a glance, and can quickly inform customers on whether or not the item they are looking for is available.

Not only does this allow your shop floor staff to remain where they should be, but it provides a much more fluid standard of service for your customers.

Automatic Timetabling for Chefs

Any good chef will be able to his or her kitchen under control in terms of making sure that each dish is being prepared and served at the right time. However, mistakes happen, and even apart from that, it can take a lot of concentration and distraction to organise the entire process.

Automatic Timetabling for Chefs

EPOS equipment, however, can be employed to overcome this problem. Instead, chefs will have a timetable automatically prepared for them and displayed on a screen. Rather than having to focus on organization, your kitchen staff will be able to focus on other things.

The screen can display information such as when dishes should begin being prepared, cooked, and plated, and can show when a dish is overdue.

This means that the chef can instead focus on making sure that quality is as fantastic as possible, rather than staring at a number of scribbled notes attempting to work out which dishes should be made and when.

Get in Touch

Although EPOS equipment can revolutionise the way in which your business operates, problems can arise if a fault occurs after you fully incorporate some technology into your day-to-day procedures.

Setbacks like this don’t need to cause significant disruption, but only if you make sure that you have access to a repair service that you can have absolute faith in. Not only do you need trustworthy repairs, but also a fast turnaround.

At Elcomatic we provide this very service from our dedicated repair facility in Ayrshire. With well-trained technicians with a wealth of experience, as well as a thorough testing programme to ensure that our fixes will last, we will make sure that you get the most out of your EPOS equipment.

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