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The number of electronic devices entering into our waste systems is having an absolutely terrible effect on our environment. Repairing, reselling, and reusing equipment is the greenest approach to dealing with older equipment.
With global e-waste predicted to hit a whopping 50 million tonnes this year, the importance of this recycling process has never been more important.

Enter the Repair Economy
One of the best ways to save the environment is actually mutually beneficial. If you have a device that you can still use, don’t even give it to us to dispose of ethically, let us repair it and give it back to you. Not only will you save money and increase the lifespan of a perfectly usable device, but you can avoid it entering the waste cycle altogether.
By being more responsible about consumption, we can help to reduce our global electronic waste issue. Repair; don’t replace!
To inquire further about our recycling process, or to book in a repair job, give us a call today on 01294 274 914.